T7g compiled a Gentoo Linux distribution working on the Nintendo Wii. Standard GUI features are built in, it comes with many networking tools plus the best part a collection of multimedia players and emulators. There’s a lot more then that though.

Partitial quote of the content:

– Emulators
DosBox, self explainatory
snes9x with snes9express frontend
visualboyadvance with gnomevisualboy frontend or whatnot
FCEUltra, no frontend.
hAtari, the sys roms are installed? (emutos, the free ones) but I don’t have it configured to use them
VICE, for the kid in you. (I was surprised at how many emulators came with it…)
…including, xvic, x64, x128, xpet, xplus4, xcbm2, vsid, c1541, and I think petcat and cartconv are utils.

– Games
JumpnBump (jumpnbump)
Gnome games package… including…
gnibbles, gnobots, glines, gnetc, mahjongg, gnomine, gnometris, gnotravex, gnotski, iagno, gtali, blackjack, same-gnome
Scorched Earth (xscorch)
LinCity (xlincity)

– Multimedia
MPlayer, don’t know which version at the moment but it ran great.
Music Player Daemon for audio, compiled with most codecs I believe. I haven’t added timidity++ support yet (11/30)
Gimmix and Sonata for hitting up Music Player Daemon.
VLC Media Player, no frontend here either, same as mplayer.
alsamixer, I think it controls the volume.
mpg123, for mp3’s while relaxin in the console.
Totem, runs like hell for what I tried but whatever; it’s there.

Thanks to brakken / http://www.tehskeen.com for the news.