GX RGB Renderer Library is a library for Nintendo’s Wii.

It supports the following functions as of v1.0:

coded by NoNameNo
void GRRLIB_FillScreen(u16 color);
void GRRLIB_PutPixel(int x,int y, u16 color);
void GRRLIB_Line(short int x1, short int y1, short int x2, short int y2, u16 color);
u16 GRRLIB_Conv888_565(u32 colorin);
unsigned GRRLIB_Rand(unsigned long MAX);

coded by uschghost
void GRRLIB_DrawImg(int xpos, int ypos, int width, int high, const u16 data[]);
void GRRLIB_DrawTile(int xpos, int ypos, unsigned short width, unsigned short high, const u16 data[], int frame);
void GRRLIB_DrawMap(int xsize, int ysize, int map[],const u16 tdata[] ,int tsize,int scrollx, int scrolly);

coded by dhewg
void GRRLIB_InitVideo ();
void GRRLIB_Start();
void GRRLIB_Render();