GxGeo is a Neo-Geo Emulator for the Wii based on GnGeo by pepone. GnGeo is coded in C and uses the SDL multimedia library.

Release notes:

– Today I am happy enough with GxGeo to release it, the source code is a mess so I if you’d like it ask me for it – I’d rather not spread messy code and bad examples 🙂
– I have only tested this release on a PAL SDTV but it should fit on an NTSC SDTV, no idea about HDTV hehe
– There are still some sound issues, maybe just with PAL.. I’m not sure, more testing is required
– This release will boot some large ROMs but not all of them will run at full speed – Metal Slug 2 is one of these
– Larger ROMs (Metal Slug 3) will still not load – some kind of paging system is required 🙂

Thanks to www.nintendomax.com for the news.