The HackMii Installer is intend to enable legal homebrew and to play your legally owned backups. Every other use is not in compliance with the creators of this Hack and in no way welcome. Be fair and buy the games you like!

Release notes:

HackMii Installer (v0.8 ):
* IOS58 is chosen for The Homebrew Channel when installed. This is required for USB2 support. Other IOS versions are of course still supported, but USB will be limited to version 1.

BootMii beta 6 (v1.3):
* Fixed the freeze when using the autoboot feature to load System Menu with a delay of zero.
* The NAND backup no longer crashes when stumbling on uncorrectable pages.
* A couple of fixes to the integrated SD browser.
* The autoboot feature is ignored when launching the IOS version of BootMii.

The Homebrew Channel (v1.0.8 ):
* General USB improvements for all IOS versions, this fixes the regression introduced in version 1.0.7.
* USB2 support through IOS58.

Thanks to and for the news.