The Homebrew Browser allows you to download the latest homebrew applications and games all through your Wii. You don’t need to take your SD card out. You don’t even need a computer! You can also delete homebrew you no longer want.


– Able to view currently installed applications
– Fixed bug in downloading and removing applications which affected uno and may have affected other applications
– Retries increased to 10 times with a longer pause in-between
– Able to reboot the Wii by holding B and pressing Home
– Detects if you have a .elf version of any application and lets you update that application
– Now uses zip files which means download sizes are reduced (thanks Tantric)
– Added SDHC support
– Detects if HBB icon or meta file exist, if they don’t then it downloads them

Thanks to Tantric the Homebrew Browser now has zip support. This means that applications that were classified as having too many files can now be included in the HBB. Applications now will take less time to download however the trade off is it takes a little while to extract the zip files.