HuGo is a PC Engine / TG-16 emulator, ported over to the Wii by eke-eke.


– fixed I/II buttons being inverted with Wiimote
– fixed Option Menu
– removed embedded font, (re)enabled IPL font support: now – should works for Qoob users too (thanks to emukiddid)
– patched libfat for faster SDCARD accesses (thanks to svpe)
– WRAM filenames are now based on the ROM filename (for FAT devices only)
– various bugfixes, menu tweaks and code cleanup

[NGC only]
– added 480p support in menu

[Wii only]
– implemented fast scrolling in menu using Wiimote D-PAD
– added “Power” button support
– added USB Storage support
– Widescreen menu fix
– *new* libogc 1.7.0 features: SDHC support, Wiimote shutdown button support