LibELM is a FAT driver, like libfat. However, LibELM is based on the amazing ELM FatFs driver by ChaN. LibELM has a devoptab so you can use stdio functions (fopen, fread, etc.)! Directories and LFN filenames are supported! Completely usable for everything! 1.3 is the True Final release, if there are any bugs, please report them on the talk page, and I will fix them A.S.A.P.

LibELM is Wii only at the moment, and supports SD card, USB stick, and should support SDGecko, but SDGecko has not been tested.

In order to use LibELM, you must also have uSync linking with your project (unless you disable reentrancy). You must also call uSyncInit() before using LibELM!

Release notes:

1.4 is now out! Many bugs should be fixed, and several new features have been added. Check it out. Requires the latest uSync and has a version header too.