libwiisprite is a C++ sprite library written for the Wii which utilises GX for all it’s graphical operations, meaning the GPU is used to accelerate graphics.

libwiisprite aims to make developing Wii homebrew simple and fun with better graphical results than currently existing libraries.

libwiisprite is currently under heavy development, but this version is a semi-stable version allowing most of the proposed functionality of the library.

Currently PNG w/alpha is the only supported image format.

The library comes with full Doxygen documentation to help get development started. It is also available online:


This is mainly a bugfix release, no new features included. You may need to update your sources to correctly use the display now. The examples also got updated.
Added a wrong size check to image loading errors. Image width and height have to be a multiple of 4.
The whole screen estate is used. Pointer correction is also explained in the spritetest example.
LayerManager.SetViewWindow() fixed. Displays correctly now.
Fixed TiledLayer displaying (last version crashed GX) and collision detecting with sprites.
Now doing more checks throughout the code.