libwiisprite is a C++ sprite library written for the Wii which utilises GX for all it’s graphical operations, meaning the GPU is used to accelerate graphics.

libwiisprite aims to make developing Wii homebrew simple and fun with better graphical results than currently existing libraries.

All possible pngs can be loaded, even the ones with an alpha layer, so you can get started immediately!

The library comes with full Doxygen documentation to help get development started. It is also available online:


Added a reference pixel system. It allows to rotate and scale a sprite around a specific point on itself. Check the documentation how to use it. The spritetest example also has a little example on it.
Fixed a huge memory leak when loading an image which was in every previous version. Upgrading is recommended.
Several speedups which can increase the speed of the library when drawing Sprites and TiledLayers, or even assigning Images.