MAG/PiratePila and AntonioND have released a new front SD Card loading utility for the Nintendo Wii. It supports loading ELF and DOL (Wii Mode) and is booted using normal methods such as the Twilight Hack, Trucha Signer and Homebrew Chanel.

How to use:

1) Format your SD card to FAT/FAT16.
2) Decompress MAG_Loader.rar
3) Rename the magloader.elf to boot.elf and copy it to the root of your SD card. The elf also creates a called folder (in the same root). In this folder you will have to put all the ELF and DOL that you want to load with the MAG Loader.
4) Insert the SD in the Wii and load boot.elf from the homebrew channel or twilight hack and now you can enjoy all your ELF in Wii.

Thanks to for the news.