MahJongg Wii is an extremly polished free MahJongg solitaire game for the Wii.


– Added versus mode!
– Re-factored the tile selection processing and completed all coding around tile selection for both versus and coop modes
– Added option to restart the game when paused or no more moves left
– Added option to start a new game without going back to the menu when current game has finished
– Changed so that if only two tiles are left which are on top of each other the game finishes
– Fixed bug where tile placement algorithm gets stuck in an infinite loop when it cannot place all tiles successfully. Now if this occurs it finishes the shuffle and returns to no more moves mode
– Alternated which pointer is drawn first every frame to not give the advantage to player one in two player versus mode
– Added separate tile selections per player (this affects the co-op mode as well as the versus mode)
– Added Hungarian, Finish and Swedish languages