Mplayer CE is a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer port, combining elements of MPlayerWii and GeeXboX.


Upstream sync. [MPlayer r32039 / FFmpeg r25028]
Improved performance and quality.
Added support for mono audio output.
Added Dolby Surround mixing on any 4/5.1 channels sources.
Added disc light VU meter.
Any synchronized Wiimote or connected GameCube controller can now be used.
Added support for USB keyboards.
Added hardware analog volume control.
Added playlists.
Added support for IOS58’s USB 2.0 interface.
Added direct DVD drive access with HW_AHBPROT.
Extracted DVD encryption keys are now cached on the local storage device.
Wiimote timeout now depends on the battery level.
Improved resume accuracy.
Improved video scaling.
New VI initialization.
Added support for the title element of some playlist formats.
Added support for international text encodings on file systems.
Cache and memory information have been moved to a new OSD level.
MPlayer’s messages are now available over USB Gecko.
Removed Nintendo Channel content.
Deprecated gx_zoom, hor_pos, vert_pos and horizontal_stretch.
Fixed crash when stopping while using libdvdnav.
Fixed crash when stopping while a scaled DVD subtitle is displayed.
Fixed crash related to text subtitles.
Fixed VP6 decoding.
Many more bugs fixed.