MPlayer CE is a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer Wii port.


No more maximum cache limit
Introduced new variables into mplayer.conf to adjust screen size and position, please see mplayer.conf for details (component-fix is now deprecated) menu.conf has also been modified.
idx/sub subtitle support (please note that these can take up to 30 seconds to load so please be patient)
Multiple folder locations added, it is now possible to have the files in
– sd:/apps/mplayer_ce – sd:/mplayer
– usb:/apps/mplayer_ce – usb:/mplayer
Added resume points – video will resume at last stopped point.
To clear, delete resume_points file in your mplayer_ce folder. To seek to the beginning of the video hold 2 and press the minus button.
Added support for Hermes’ cIOS. This has greater USB compatibility and enables USB LAN connector support. Please see wiki page for details
Added Fribidi library support for right-to-left languages
Made cache fill visible on screen
Many small bug fixes
Updated to latest MPlayer svn

Thanks to djdynamite123 / for the news.