MPlayer CE is a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer Wii port.


Improved memory management, due to MPlayer hanging if out of memory. Also new feature added if you press 1 twice it will show mem 1 and mem 2 info.
Driver improved with autodetection error, on error the device is reinitied and read is retried, meaning it is very hard to hang the device.
EHCI Improvements have been made and now more usb devices are supported.
Now you don’t need the fat partition to be primary or active, patch in libfat and now libfat searches in all partitions to find a fat partition.
If test.dol here says usb device is 100% compatible and a device is not working in the last MPlayer revision. Then there isn’t a fat partition on the device, as a lot of people use ntfs instead.
Restore Points fixed, in previous release when you quit restore point was not saved, now quit or power off saves restore point and can resume properly. Delete your’e previous restore point incase it is corrupted, and check SD isn’t locked.
Improved smb connections, will always reconnect. (so you can remove shares from pc, and re-enable them, MPlayer will reconnect, so it’s a easier way to test smb if you have problems setting it up).
Improved stream initilization.
Fixed green lines at the top of screen whilst loading MPlayerCE.
Video files (which may be badly encoded) that may have unexpectedly froze at some point during playback in previous releases may playback without a possible glitch (such as that freeze/hang).
Change in MPlayer but it’s only for testing usb2, now you can load a external driver from sd. If you copy the driver to sd that driver will be used instead of the internal driver, more details (drivers) will be added to google code at a later date, thanx to hermes’s patch.
Finnally found/fixed the problem with network and usb2 conflicts, because the driver was using a bad device the name /dev/usb2 is good, but /dev/usb/ehc is bad Because it is used by the network driver 1 2 In previous releases there was a possible conflict.
Autoload implemented, so if the next file has a very similar name it will autoload it. Using a levenshtein distance of 2. So if you need to change only 1 or 2 letter/numbers then it is similar. Examples: film.part1.avi > film.part2.avi only 1 change is needed to get the same name. Also house.s01e09.avi > house.s01e10.avi works, (2 changes).
Removed the need to load fonts twice when you load a video file as the fonts have to be loaded to adjust to the film size, 2 fonts are always loaded. 1 for menu and 1 for subs. Now font for subs are loaded only if it’s needed, and the font face is cached, so fonts are loaded faster, making the video file load quicker.
Improved error reading streams/files (example if you remove share from your pc then MPlayer stops film when cache has finished, now while MPlayer has cache it will try to read again, so if you enable share again then MPlayer will continue playing without any problems, only stops video file if can’t read, or cache is empty. Now MPlayer is more robust on errors). If you unplug & plug usb MPlayer will stop film because usb is off and you need to remount. But if you get an error reading from usb or sd etc MPlayer will try to read again. (For example when a hd usb’s motor stops due to inactivity on pause then when you press start again MPlayer will use cache and can recieve an error because motor is not ready).
Many other small fixes and code cleanup.