MPlayerWii is an audio/video player. It is a native port of the MPlayer media player.

Release notes:

MPlayerWii r20 modified by AgentX (r3)

– If your file has a 2.35:1 ratio and you want to make it fit the screen, press 1. If your file has a 4:3 ratio and you want to stretch it to fit the screen, press 2. To return to default press 1 and 2 together.
– Tries to distinguish between audio files, video files and other files. If you select an audio file it will play continuously through the folder. Press B to play next file. Selecting a video will just play the individual file. Any other file will not be recognized and not play (avoiding crashes).

A patch file is included. Source is very hacky. With thanks to DCelso & Qualith for code for continuous play.

Known bugs:
Using B to select next file is very touch and go. I think this is a problem with mplayer not freeing memory properly so I can’t fix it until I work out how to compile.

Thanks to rodries for constantly updating mplayerwii, samba improvements are much appreciated!