Neko Project II emulates a NEC PC-9801.

Release notes:

Neko Project II Wii is a port of the PC-9801 (PC98) emulator, Neko Project II. It was brought to life by the fantastic progress on the SDL-Wii port by Tantric. Neko Project II was originally written by YUI.

This is a very early version, and is the bare minimum needed to play a game. When you start Neko Project II Wii, you will be presented with a dialog to load disks. Press B to continue past this dialog.

There is 1 file that is required by Neko Project II Wii. This is the font.bmp file. It must be placed in SD:/PC98/DATA/ as font.bmp. Floppy and Hard Disk images must be stored in SD:/PC98/ROMS/

To get the last built version, there is a directory on the Neko Project II Wii Git called np2hbc. Copy this to SD:/apps/ and put the files required by Neko Project II Wii on the SD card, and go!

In order to build Neko Project II Wii, you will need the latest devkitPro, libfat, and SDL libraries. You will also need to slightly patch SDL, to expose the vmode variable. I’ll leave this up to you to figure out 😉