Newo Shooter is a 3d futuristic spaceship shooting game on rails. The player must navigate a spaceship across many planets in search of the aliens that destroyed his home planet. Various enemies, spaceships, robots, creatures will try to stop the player from reaching the goal. Avoid obstacles and destroy enemies to receive power-ups.


Added 2 new levels and 2 bonus moon levels. Total levels now 14.
Added Controller support from wiimote horizontal ( set option POINTER=NO )
Added explosion fragment effect
Added background textures to a several stages
Added moons to planets in stage select on title screen
New Soundtrack is Journey to Silius Level 2 (Amiga Module) by benanderson89
Added a new enemy type to the final stage
Fixed Slowdown in level 3
Changed smoke and bullet shape, added bomb trail, water splash
Updated Lua API to allow programmers to set background and sun texture of stage.
Fixed many bugs