Okachobi ported SDL Paradroid to the Nintendo Wii.

Release notes:

A version of SDL Paradroid compiled for the Wii to fill the void in the U.S., where the virtual console lacks C64 games. This version is created from the GPL’ed source code from SDL Paradroid and uses the same data files. The source will be released in accordance with its original GPL license as soon as I get to a stable version. I had considered abandoning the project because of the virtual console version, but then realized its not available in the U.S., and noticed that there are at least 2 PC remakes of Paradroid and several for mobile platforms. So if you like Paradroid and live where it is available, support the virtual console by purchasing it. Otherwise, wait a little while and give this port a try.

This version is in no way derived from the version available on the Wii Virtual Console in Europe. All code and graphics are from the freely-available SDL Paradroid released in 2002 under the GPL license. It has simply been patched in various ways to be compatible with the Wii Homebrew SDL library.

Thanks to www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.