A version of SDL Paradroid compiled for the Wii to fill the void in the U.S., where the virtual console lacks C64 games. This version is created from the GPL’ed source code from SDL Paradroid and uses the same data files.

You start off as a ‘Influence device’, your task is to clear the ship of all the rogue robots. Movement is by the arrow keys, Left control is the action key. Press it while you are moving and you will shoot your lasers, hold it down while not moving and you will go into transfer mode. This allows you to take over other droids. Pressing it down while over a terminal will take you into the ships computers, where you can view information about droid, ship view and a map of your current level.


Thanks to Teknecal for his help tracking down this issue. The problem did not affect my Wii, but some Wii’s or SD cards apparently do not work with the old libfat path style the lacks the sd: prefix. Full sd: paths have been added to all files. That is the only change in this release and should fix compatibility.