“ThatOtherPerson” has ported Pineapple Apocalypse RPG to the Wii.

Release notes:

Well it really didn’t take too long. I have Pineapple Apocalypse RPG running on Wii and it even does a few things that the PC version doesn’t. For starters you can save and load your progress. It also costs you 1 gold to get repaired/healed which gives gold a bit of a purpose though your still likely never going to run out it.

Everything else is effectively the same as in the PC version.

Its not perfect though. Along with having the same shortcomings as the PC version (there still isnt really anything to do but wander and level grind) there are a few new problems. Most noticeably well it is (or should be) properly rendering at 640×480 just like on PC (its made to look even more low rez at 320×240 but it technically is 640×480) it doesn’t seem to be getting stretched to the screen properly and instead part of it is getting clipped off the top and bottom. It isnt game ruining though and you are still able to read all of the text though some of that text gets uncomfortably close to the edge of the screen. Maybe that could just my TV though. It also isn’t performing as well despite its simplicity. It runs at a constant smooth 60 frames even on my old computer but well I dont have it setup yet for me to be able to check the frame rate I had to basically make it do everything twice and only render once to make the game run at a comparable speed. Still 30 (or presumably somewhere just a little above or bellow that) frames per second isn’t really bad and it doesn’t seem too choppy to me.

For controls just old the wii remote sideways (NES controller style) and use the directional pad to move your character and also to navigate the menus. Use the 2 button to accept your selection and proceed through menus. Press the pluss button at any time when you arent in combat to save and hit the minus button at absolutely any time to load your save. Hitting the home button at any time will exit the game.

So just drop it into the apps folder on you SD card and try it out.

Video in Action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6VMJQtn5xI

Thanks to cid2mizard for bringing this release back into mind!