Pineapple Apocalypse RPG is a 2D turn based RPG with overly pixelated retro style graphics. You play as a robot and there are apparently mutated pineapples along with other enemies that you can encounter.

Release notes:

Pineapple Apocalypse RPG was the first homebrew program I ever publicly released for Wii and an update has been long overdue for it. So here it is.

The frame rate is twice what it was (it now runs at a smooth 60 frames per second). You can now optionally play the game using a classic controller. I fixed the bug that caused the game to freak out whenever a non mutated pineapple attacked you. I fixed two tiles on that map that where not being rendered. The text boxes have been repositioned slightly away from the top and bottom of the screen to ensure that they are fully visible. I added a text box to remind you which button was to save and which is to load (I always got them confused). I added background music (Aeroplanes by Nanodrone). The game also now has a home menu just like all my more recent games.

The home menu is actually slightly improved from how it was in my last few games. You can now bring it up using a classic controller and even move the cursor and click any of the buttons using a classic controller and I got it working without it interfering when you want to use the cursor with the wiimote ir sensor. The background blur has been slightly tweaked and now the image even gets a bit brightened and dulled. With the PC version the filtering effect smoothly transitions but I’m still not happy with how smoothly it works on Wii (the frame rate dips a bit) so on Wii the effect is still simply either on or off. I doubt its noticeable but the frame rate has been improved for the home menu, as well. It was in the 50s and its now at the intended 60 frames per second.

Thanks to for the news.