Preloader ‘replaces’ the systemmenu (it’s not really replaced, its main.dol is just renamed) with a simple loader which allows you to automatically load the HBC, a .dol you can install from SD or the systemmenu. It also allows you to use simple patches on the systemmenu.

Warning: This homebrew application will brick your Wii if you misuse it!


rewrote the hacks parser, it’s more solid now and detects syntax errors much better
added a new font
optimized the menu layout
you can now add unlimited offsets/value in one hack entry
added beta version related code
added a setting which allows to always turn you Wii off even when standby is enabled
fixed that when shutting down from the System Menu, the Wii always got powered down instead of using the set shutdownmode.
fixed a bug which prevented updating to a non beta version during beta testing
fixed a bug in the System Menu hacks scrolling code

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