Preloader ‘replaces’ the systemmenu (it’s not really replaced, its main.dol is just renamed) with a simple loader which allows you to automatically load the HBC, a .dol you can install from SD or the systemmenu. It also allows you to use simple patches on the systemmenu.

Warning: This homebrew application will brick your Wii if you misuse it!


– added a feature to load the system menu with any IOS version you want.
– The installer includes an IOS patcher which when found patches IOS60 so preloader can fully work with system menu 4.0
– Moved some text around for better visibility on 4:3 screens
– fixed a bug which let the disc endlessly spin when wc24 was enabled and the wii got turned off
– fixed a bug which broke system menu loading when the system got formated


According to -> Crediar thought it would be funny to release his idea of an April fools prank in the form of a fake Preloader release. Instead of it’s normal functionality you’re left with a Wii that won’t boot – for a day. I advise anyone with a brain to not install this.