Priiloader is a modified version of the officially discontinued Preloader. Preloader is a small application which places itself before the System Menu. Its main feature is to directly boot the Homebrew Channel or a file you can install from a FAT device. Preloader is also able to apply memory patches the system menu to remove limitations or other things. Warning! This homebrew makes permanent changes to your Wii’s flash memory (NAND) and should be used with caution.


– Change and fixed IOS Stub detection. All known IOS’ are detected like they should. thank you Attila
– Changed Autoboot setting so it would start system menu when having just updated/installed Priiloader
– Fixed Hacks.ini bug when it was made in linux (or any ini that doesn’t have windows’ rn newlines and uses n instead)
– Fixed Bootstate handling. we should now handle all known bootstates correctly(“invalid” bootstate 255 included). all unknown bootstates load priiloader instead
– Fixed Bug with USB drives that could crash System menu
– Fixed the Wii Blue Light on wiimail issue (when standby, forgot to merge the light init code from phpgeek)
– Fixed Background issues when changing colour and not saving settings
– Fixed various video related bugs ( out of screen text, text on top of the other, … )
vFixed some ES_Identify Bugs (in a hacky way) when not using system menu IOS for system menu
– Reload Hacks completly when LoadHacks() is called and hacks were already loaded once
– Added the checksum function from priiloader to the installer. if the checksum fails it asks the user what to do. it checks when:
* Coping (installation of priiloader) the System menu app
* Restoring (uninstall of priiloader) the System menu app
* after Writing the Priiloader app (the checking installation part)
– Added basic HBC Stub Loading. if priiloader (or a dol loaded by priiloader) crashes you can press reset to load HBC
– Added possibility to boot System Menu if no wiimote is detected. after 15 seconds priiloader booted press reset to boot