Priiloader is a modified version of the officially discontinued Preloader. Preloader is a small application which places itself before the System Menu. Its main feature is to directly boot the Homebrew Channel or a file you can install from a FAT device. Preloader is also able to apply memory patches the system menu to remove limitations or other things. Warning! This homebrew makes permanent changes to your Wii’s flash memory (NAND) and should be used with caution.


* Fixed Title Booting on some Wiis (issue 130)
* Fixed the installer for HBC
* Fixed the SHA1 hash production while updating
* Fixed Online updating changelog
* added/fixed Easter Egg (go find it!)
* Added play_rec creation when launching title
* made load/install binary load fat:/apps/ folder
* Increased USB Support(thanks TT)
* Changed the Hacks method (see SVN or hacks page)
* change memory management to use mem2 instead giving priiloader a big speedboost