Quadrax is logical game game where more than keen reactions you will need fast fingers and will have to use all your grey brain cells. Just only that way you can succeed in solving all the ninety levels, which the game has.

Quadrax was originally ZX-Spectrum game made around 1994 by Slovak company called Cauldron, which was later ported to PC (Windows).

This version of game is based on Quadrax IV: The Secrets of Pyramid PC-Windows version of game, which was simply ported from DirectX to SDL graphic system. Next it was ported to Linux-like systems and finally to the Wii (Still using SDL).


+ Multiplayer game added!!!
+ Characters are now controlled by Nunchuk joystick
+ Camera is controlled by D-pad
+ Better loading times
+ Engine log is created (file Quadrax.log)