A port of the client component of the original QuakeWorld engine to the Nintendo Wii, compiled using devkitPPC / libogc.

The engine is a feature-complete implementation of the QuakeWorld 2.40 engine. Unlike Q1Rev, there are LOTS of servers around the world that are able to accept this engine as a client for netplay. Be aware, however, that some of them might need a modified version of the communications protocol. Experiment with as much servers as you want in order to get the desired results.


* Improved Wii Remote handling (since Q1Rev Release 1). More stable, and more sensitive. A small wrist movement goes a long way. Adjust the sensitivity level with the new “Wii Remote speed” option, next to “Mouse speed” in Options in the Main Menu.
* New On-Screen Keyboard, with access to most (if not all) keys of the US keyboard.
* Support for the standard Gamecube controller.
* Switching to “big stack” in key points in the code, allow for more stable, more smooth movement in the engine.
* The engine can be started from either the SD card slot in front of the Wii, or an USB memory stick plugged in any of the USB ports in the back of the console (an improvement since Q1Rev R1).
* Experimental, untested support for USB keyboard & mouse.

News Source: http://wiibrew.org/wiki/QWRev