RedSquare is an classic 2D action game. Click and hold the red square. Now, move it so that you neither touch the walls nor get hit by any of the blue blocks. If you make it to 31 seconds, you are doing brilliantly!


– Added Wii DVD light effects to game.
– Improve game settings screen.
– Added donate screen.
– Added scrollbar to highscore and release notes screens.
– The 100ste highest local scores are showed.
– The 40ste highest today and global high scores are showed.
– Added to most screens network status information.
– Extend user name from 3 to 6 characters.
– Default user name is based on Wii nickname.
– Increase http buffer size from 8kb to 10kb.
– Bug fix: Http thread memory cleanup was not correctly executed.
– Added source code to Google Code repository.
– Added source code documentation (Javadoc style).
– With the doxygen tool the documentation can be generated.
– Build game with devkitPPC r19 compiler.