Space Shooter is an original 2D space shooting game. It’s simple, just shoot anything that moves or shoots back. The objective is to destroy all enemies on the four levels.


– Speed up viewport scrolling (no lagging in the viewport, but now it’s jittery)
– Change the way weapon systems work (cumulative, not individual)
– Initialize random seed for different powerups each time.
– Restructure internal code to detect and interface with controllers.
– Added code to allow multiple control options (Pad, Tilt Pad, Nunchuk, Gamecube).
– Menu is always accessible via Wii Remote Home button.
– Big Bombs now shoot backwards.
– Added two levels and made “The Horde” level a bit easier.
– Improved BibSound code substantially, it’s now double buffered
– Fixed bug where some sounds were accidently repeated
– Added mp3 background playing to BibSound code.