TetWiis is a Nintendo Wii Tetris clone, shamelessly based on the Nintendo DS version of Tetris. The more lines you get, the higher the score rewarded, but the faster the game gets! More score can be gained by going for double triple or quad clearances, and you are rewarded highly if you successfully attempt the back to back quad clearance! This is the classic ‘marathon’ mode of Tetris – play till you drop or run out of luck!


Implemented clockwise/anticlockwise rotation of the blocks. Button (1) on the wiimote and (b) on the classic controller now rotate anticlockwise.
Adjusted the key repeat timings for improved control
Fixed the DOWN press release timer to give you a small amount of time before the key repeat kicks in again.
Implemented a pause menu (Pressing Home Button in game) where you can return to the game menu, or exit to the loader
Added a graphical reminder on the high score entry screen that the wiimote should be vertical
Resolved a few minor bugs.