They Do Not Die is top down zombie game!

Release notes:

I know its been over a week and I sorta ruined that streak I had going of frequent posts. I wasn’t really in the mood for programing and replaying Deus Ex is a constant timesink. But I got back into working on They Do Not Die (the Wii version) yesterday and did a bit more today.

You now have a set amount of health which you obviously lose whenever your harmed by zombies. You also have energy which you can use to move faster (just hold down the A button) but if you don’t have any energy left then running will instead consume health. Both your health and energy regenerate.

The camera zooms in and out based on how much remaining health you have. There is some darkness around the borders of the screen which turns red when your losing health.

The iconic arrow sprites from the PC version are now in the game and they rotate and everything. There are now also corpses that get left behind when you kill someone.

When your health hits zero then your sent back to the new start menu from which you can can choose to begin playing again with everything reset.

Thanks to for the news.