ThatOtherDev belongs to one of the most active Wii developers around the globe at the moment. This time he comes up with a game named “Tick Tock Tank Fight”.

Its not quite a sequel but I suppose it is in a way a successor to Tick Tock Car Race. It certainly borrows a lot from it.

rather than racing from checkpoint to checkpoint you are instead tasked with destroying five tanks as quickly as possible.

Use the nunchuck analog stick to move and the wiimote point and B button to aim and shoot.

To be honest I’m not particularly happy with it. There where a lot of things wrong with Tick Tock Car race but most of it was behind the scenes and at the least I thought the gameplay was fun. But I’m not sure that I can say the same about Tank Fight…

The music used in the game is Biosphere by Joshua Arámbula.