Michniewski and Tantric updated their SNES9x port to Wii and Gamecube once again.


Here’s a new release of Snes9x GX – 007, from michniewski and myself (Tantric). Special thanks to eke-eke for making improvements to and hunting down several bugs in the video code. This version includes many bug fixes and minor improvements. Amongst the new features are SDHC support, patch support, zoom saving, and wiimote power button support. Note that the settings file location has changed.

Note: I’m looking for a talented graphics artist to help design a new menu system for FCE Ultra GX, Visual Boy Advance GX, and Snes9x GX who has experience designing icons, layouts, etc. If you’re interested, please contact me.

– added: SDHC support
– added: SD/USB hot-swapping
– added: zoom saving
– added: IPS/UPS/PPF patch support
– added: Qoob modchip support (thanks emukidid!)
– added: Added console/remote power button support (Wii only)
– added: Added reset button support – resets game (Wii only)
– changed: Settings file is now named settings.xml and is stored in the same folder as the DOL – eg: apps/vbagx/settings.xml (Wii only)
– fixed: swc, sfc file support
– fixed: inverted sound channels
– fixed: some game crashes
– fixed: snapshot saving for games with SPC7110, BS, DSP, or CX4
– fixed: justifier support
– fixed: superscope turbo button
– fixed: widescreen support
– fixed: ActRaiser 2 issues
– fixed: Invalid memory accesses in C4 and OBC1. MMX3 Toxic Seahorse stage now can be emulated with HDMA. (zones)
– fixed: Updated snapshot to prevent desync. Added some variables related to APU and HDMA. (gocha)
– fixed: zoom issues (thanks eke-eke!)
– fixed: original modes (thanks eke-eke!)
– fixed: vertical scaling for filtered/unfiltered modes (thanks eke-eke!)

Plenty of SNES homebrews can be found at //files/supernes/

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