Modchip manufacturer Argon has released a Wii channel DRM locked to their modchip which relies on illegal distribution of code for installation. This channel downloads homebrew applications turned into channels, which Argon distributes from their site.

Quote:Modchips + homebrew – free + illegal = ArgonChannel by marcan

The Argon modchip guys have been trumping up this new cool thing they call the Argon Channel. At first details were sketchy, but as time passed what it was started to become obvious: some homebrew launching or installing “solution”, locked to a modchip.

Update: Their solution seems to be to install homebrew packaged as channels, complete with stolen banners and probably using my nandloader without permission. Scroll down for more details.

Recently, the Argon guys showed up on IRC and had an interesting conversation with me, where they tried to get me to help them get the channel to work on System Menu 3.4 by convincing me of the wonderful world of modchip software. The conversation was somewhere along the lines of this, excluding the broken English: “By bundling it with our modchip we make homebrew more popular”. “But it’s locked to your modchip, how will that make it more popular?” “Yes, that makes it even more popular because it’s exclusive and people will want it.”

The response, obviously, was no.

Now the channel has showed up and gasp, it’s compatible with 3.4. Wait, did they find an exploit?

Of course they didn’t…

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