nitrotux has released Wii Disc Dumper. This is the first Wii-mode disc dumper (source included) that dumps to the Wii’s front-SD. A SD gecko is not required at all.

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Update 22.07.2008 @ 03:22:
A so called homebrew and gaming page ( ) is having problems that we were posting about this Disc Dumper, but not beeing better by posting CFW’s or PSP UMD Dumper tools. All our visitors should know what we think about piracy and that we don’t support it. This Disc Dumper tool is fully legit and it might become illegal depending on the downloaders use. If you bought a game, you should have the right to backup it. This has nothing to do with piracy – and this is probably the exactly same reason why DCEMU posted about PSP UMD Dumpers & Co severall times before.