brkirch has released a new version of his version of Gecko OS a Nintendo Wii hacking accessory. Using Gecko OS by itself you can boot imports and use cheat codes. However, if you use it along with the USB Gecko you can hack your own codes and have access to enhanced debugging features.


– Added channel loading with hooks, channel menu supports same database.txt format as AnyTitle Deleter MOD to replace the channel IDs with channel names (put database.txt at the root of the SD card)
– Ocarina works on channels
– ELF/DOL loading from geckoload now works
– Optionally the directory data/gecko can contain the codes folder, patch folder, gameconfig.txt, config.dat, and background.png instead of the root of the SD card
– GC memory cards are no longer detected as a USB Gecko
– Changed how exit works; if a loader other than the homebrew channel was used (or an old version of the HBC) it will return to the system menu
– Fixed a text overlapping bug that would happen if a disc error occurs and Ocarina is on

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