Wii Home is a “plugin” for Preloader ( http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Preloader ).

Wii Home is a homebrew which launches at startup of the Wii. You can, on the menu, select if you want go to the System Menu or to the HBC. You can also customize Wii Home with a theme of your choice.


– Added the possibility of launching a channel of your choice:
Create a channel.txt file in the WiiHome folder. In the file, write the first number:
1 for a title that begins with 00010001
2 for a title that begins with 00010002
4 for a title that begins with 00010004
8 for a title that begins with 00010008
After, write the title of the Wii Channel in letters (for example the title of the Wii Shop Channel is HABA)
So, for the Wii Shop Channel the complete channel.txt file is 2HABA because the complete title ID in hex is 0001000248414241. 00010002 is replaced by 2 and 48414241 is HABA in hex.
– Ability to launch the Homebrew Channel or channel of your choice by pressing the 1 button to change the second option button.
– Added an emergency button. Pressing the RESET button will jump on the Wii Menu.
– Added the version of Wii Home. To see the version press the + button.