Wire3D (Wii Independent Rendering Engine 3D) is an open source, object oriented, multiplatform 3D engine written in C++, supporting homebrew Wii and Windows (DirectX). It provides a framework to developers for writing platform agnostic 3D applications (including physics using the Bullet Physics library) that run on Wii and Windows out of the box.


* added Input System
* added support for multiple vertex streams per mesh
* added layer masks to nodes, lights and cameras
* separated Image (i.e. buffer) from Texture (i.e. properties)
* separated handling of vertex declarations from vertex buffers
* added usage type STATIC_DISCARD_ON_BIND for textures
* removed VisibleObject in favour of RenderObject
* removed scene graph dependency from Renderer
* improved drawcall batching of static (sub)meshes
* improved performance of drawing submeshes on PCs with software vertex processing
* added camera node
* added light attenuation
* added blending mode ‘BM_ADD’ to Material
* (Wii) added support for submeshes to displaylist handling
* (Wii) fixed vertex cache issue
* (Wii) fixed a bug in handling lights
* (DX9) added support for HLSL shaders
* (DX9) added support for multiple render targets

Importer/Unity3D exporter:
* added import/export of collision shapes, rigid bodies and character controller
* added import/export of skybox
* added import/export of submeshes
* added option to combine static meshes
* added option to export vertex colors as 32bit
* exporting lights
* exporting camera
* exporting fog from RenderSettings
* added disk and memory statistics summary after export
* using default values for undefined transformation parameters
* fixed overwritten default color values in render state
* fixed incorrect calculation of font texture size
* fixed text exceeding specified maximum length divided by 6
* fixed wrong filter mode being used when texture has no mipmaps
* fixed Importer header files polluting global namespace
* fixed memory leaks

* added Sample11 to show how to use the input system
* added Game sample to demonstrate new features
* rewrote Sample10 to better demonstrate batching