Hermes released a PC Engine emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

Release notes:

Here I am presenting an emulator of PCEngine ported from the version I made for GP2X, gp2xengine, with a few things improved:

– Supports roms in format. Pce or compressed. Bz2 (the program can compress this format, pressing a button). Zip

– Supports ISOs and a special file,. Toc which contains a description of all tracks of audio data. In other words: my emulator supports audio as well (which may be in formats. WAV or. OGG) or discs with multiple tracks of data.

– I have prepared a utility to you cree file. Toc and tracks data format. Iso formato.ogg and audio from a CD-ROM image as a CUE / BIN

– It supports up to four Wiimote and you can configure the buttons to add or autofire exchange, for example

– You can save the state complete a game and retrieve it later to continue playing. The saves are compressed to minimize space

– It can capture a frame format. Bmp and then view it from the same Wii or export it to the PC to portray a good death , A score achieved or any curiosity. When entering a rom the meter is set to 0 and go to number catches in succession.

Thanks to for the news.