raz0red ported the Atari Lynx emulator Handy/SDL to Nintendos Wii console. To use the emulator, you will need to locate and place the Atari Lynx boot ROM (lynxboot.img) in the /apps/handysdl directory.


– Save/restore game snapshots
– Resuming a game (after quitting with Home)
– Resetting a game (after quitting with Home)
– Fixed a bug causing homebrew games to crash on load (Lode Runner, etc.)
– Fixed a bug where games would freeze if left idle for about an hour
– Fixed a bug where games would not load after file error
– Fixed minor glitches in frame rate (reworked game loop)
– Ability to rotate controls w/ game screen
– Ability to patch Lynx ROMs w/ rotation settings (not supported for .zip)
– Advanced menu allowing for enabling debug mode, frame rate adjustments
– Auto-chain detection
– Reset/power functions (via Wii and Wiimote)
– Ability to use a custom directory name for application files