WiiPhysics is a physics playground for the Wii, much like Crayon Physics or PocketPhysics. It uses Box2D and libwiisprite.


+In Game Help
+Pen Drawing added
+Reset Button Added
+Added BG Music
+Bug fixes
+Initial action sounds (Using Sndlib)
+Intro Screen while wiiphysics constructs
+Main Menu
+Added Prismatic (Slider) Joint
+Added Settings Menu
+Added configurable Color
+Added configurable Density
+Added Show/Hide Menu Button
+Increased world size (no longer hit the bottom with too many objects)
+Fixed layout
+Reset velocity to 0 if you grab an object
+Fixed Freeze Unfreeze (Hit B while you have object selected to swap)
+Dynamic Gravity Setting GUI
+Dynamic Restitution GUI (Change individual object bouncieness)
+Dynamic Friction GUI

Thanks to http://www.dcemu.co.uk for the news.