WiiRadio is a SHOUTcast stream player. It can read from thousands of internet radio streams and play them back on the Wii.


– Whole new GUI thanks to TiMeBoMb
– Added a visualizer and black screen that acts as a burn reducer
– Loading streams from a playlist have been changed and bugs fixed
– Added a playlist delete option
– Hovering over stations or playlists now scroll giving you all the information
– Added Volume controls
– Added dynamic buffering (if your signal is weak)
– Fixed a crashing bug when parsing the ICY data
– Added more controls from the WiiMote (see above)
– Created a cache per genre so if the SHOUTcast DB does not respond you can play streams. If it does respond it will refresh your cache.
– Caches up to 1,000 stations per genre. No more waiting when you click next or previous
– Now using the new SDL port which improves the look and performance
– Text no longer uses a bitmap, it uses SDL-TTF
– Added informational pop-up’s
– Lots of bug fixes