Here comes an updated version of Wolfenstein 3D for the Wii.

Because Wolfenstein 3D is showing swastika’s during ingame, we can not provide any links as it would be against german law. In particular it would be against paragraph 86 StGB “Verbreiten von Propagandamitteln verfassungswidriger Organisationen”.

Allthough this is just an engine port of Wolfenstein 3D, the game itself is still indexed in Germany, where this page is hosted.


icon.png (and on the game summary box to your right) and updated meta.xml kindly contributed by Kezza826, thanks again man!
Based on Wolf4SDL v.1.6
Everything works w/ the exception of music and adlib (synthesized sound), your regular sound (gun shots, opening doors) work.
Saving and loading games now work.
I don’t know what else needs to be fixed so I’m letting everyone test, pm or talk to me on irc if you have any suggestions…
Spear of Destiny support (you need the game files)
Full version (all six episodes) of Wolfenstein 3D are now supported, not just the shareware version (you need the game files)
Glitch where going back to the game from the Control Panel causes black boxes to appear on the status bar is resolved.