Nuvalo has posted some information and a link to a Youtube video which shows he’s gotten XSERVER booting on the Nintendo Wii. It’s still in early stages, but looks promising.

Quote from Nuvalo:

Hi good news: The xserver runs !!!!! XD XD XD:

Here is a video, booting the T2 SDE 6.0 linux distribution for powerpc. It boots from an external usb hard disk, using the SD card as a pivot root. It can´t boot directly to an USB hard disk, as it isn´t recognized at boot time. The colours are wrong, as the X server runs in RGB mode, and the wii framebuffer only supports yuv2 colours. And the usb mouse doesn´t seems to work. Anyway, it shows how to boot, the login and little more. Here is the video:

Have fun

Thanks to brakken / for the news.