Bert Jan released his custom linux distribution “xwhiite-linux” for Nintendo Wii.

Release notes:

I’ve arranged a test version of my Wii-linux distro: xwhiite. Basically it’s just Xorg running on top of the existing debian/whiite package, along with the necessary drivers, config and apps to make the x ‘magic’ happen.
Videos of the system in action are here and here.

– (almost) everything also in whiite linux (I stripped a few things to save some space)
– working Xorg, using nuvalo’s ‘cube’ driver (as discussed here).
– Fluxbox windowmanager
– wiimote input (libcwiid + fastsync)
– SMB / CIFS support (useful for mounting your media NAS)
– some useful apps preinstalled (mplayer, vlc, opera, firefox)
– a nice look & feel
– uses less than 512M on disk