JLF65 updated his engine port, which can be used to play Wolfenstein 3D.

Because Wolfenstein 3D is showing swastika’s during ingame, we can not provide any links as it would be against german law. In particular it would be against paragraph 86 StGB “Verbreiten von Propagandamitteln verfassungswidriger Organisationen”. – It somehow means, spreading of prohibited signs/organisations.

Allthough this is just an engine port of Wolfenstein 3D, the game itself is still indexed.


Okay, here’s beta 3. This is a pretty major update, adding FM sound effects and Load/Save game ability. You only get one save. The Load/Save menu still shows ten, but they all just do the same thing. There’s only room in the SRAM for one save game. Since there’s no keyboard and I don’t want to make the effort to add an on-screen keyboard, the save tag is set to the map name automatically. That way you can at least tell what level you saved on. START + X is now Quick Load, and START + Y is Quick Save. For three button controllers, just use the menu to load/save.

The FM sound effects are synthesized before compiling using the MAME YM3812 OPL emulation. That is the way FM sound effects are played in most ports of Wolf3D, they just do it on the fly. There is a bug in the OPL emulation. Have you seen reports on the PSP version of Wolf3D that certain FM sound effects are missing? They’re not missing, just very VERY quiet due to a bug in the OPL emulation. I scale certain sounds while they’re being generated so that they are audible in Wolf32X. The volume is probably wrong, but I think they sound like they should. I’ll be looking into this more.

Next up, music!

Thanks to DCEMU for the news.