Raining Squares (02-04-2015) (DC VMU Techdemo)

Raining Squares by Sebastian Mihai is a Sega Dreamcast VMU homebrew tech demo. The VMU is also sometimes called VMS. The background is animated, the player controls a pixel, moving it left right, and there are falling squares which appear at random X positions, and have random sizes. There is a delay every time the player’s pixel collides with a falling square.


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Red Green (08-04-2015) (Odyssey 2 Techdemo)

Red Green by Sebastian Mihai is an Odyssey2 homebrew tech demo. It is a simple program which lets the player move an animated red car, while green people are flying by, giving the impression of movement.


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Christmas Tale v1.00 (Master System Game)

Christmas Tale for the Sega Master System is a tiny story based Jump’n Run game. Created by pedro76 and Nivarel.

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-master-system/christmas-tale-v1-00-by-pedro76-nivarel/


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Chappies Ears Simon Game v1.0 (Master System Game)

Chappie’s Ears Simon Game is a fancy Simon style game for the Sega Master System by furrtek. Forget colors, ears are in!

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-master-system/chappies-ears-simon-game-v1-0-by-furrtek/


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Lander 2 v0.c (Master System Game)

Lander 2 by jimiu is a “Lander” style game for the Master System.


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Anguna the Prison Dungeon v0.07 (Master System Game)

Anguna the Prison Dungeon by sverx is an attempt to bring Nathan Tolbert’s RPG/Adventure game Anguna to the Sega Master System.

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-master-system/anguna-the-prison-dungeon-v0-07-by-sverx/


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Bread and Butter World v1.00 (Master System Game)

Bread and Butter World is a Jump’n Run game for the Sega Master System by dragonfeet.

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-master-system/bread-and-butter-world-v1-00-by-dragonfeet/


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Knights and Demons v1.00 (Master System Game)

Knights and Demons is yet another Sega Master System game by Baron Ashler and nitrofurano. It’s a strategy board game, so if you are into this kind of genre, do not wait!

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-master-system/knights-and-demons-v1-00-by-baron-ashler-nitrofurano/


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Zombi Terror v1.01 (Master System Game)

Zombi Terror is a Sega Master System homebrew game by Baron Ashler and nitrofurano. Explore an island full of Zombies in this adventure game.

Source: http://www.retroindiegamedevelopers.com/sega-master-system/zombi-terror-v1-01-by-baron-ashler-nitrofurano/


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Simon the Snake v1.00 (Master System Game)

Simon the Snake by nitrofurano is a twist of two well known concepts. It puts the games “Simon” and “Snake” into one pot. Just go ahead and try it on your own, it’s pretty entertaining. Unfortunately as of now there is no scoring system yet.


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