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Trivial GPS (Android Application Source Code)

The TrivialGPS is a small application that shows yours location plotted against a MapView in real time. It uses the mock location provider that ships with the Android SDK. The mock location provider simulates a drive in the bay area.

There is an accompanying tutorial:

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DroidDraw r1a22 (Android misc)

DroidDraw is a graphical user interface (GUI) builder for the Android platform.

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OpenIntents v0.1.0 (Android misc)

Imagine your Android “cookbook” application tells you to buy eggs, ginger, and cardamom, your “birthday reminder” application suggests you to buy a blue tulip (for a friend who loves the color blue), and your computer at home notifies your mobile phone that the color cartridge of your printer is almost empty. Would you like to receive three notifications by three different programs next time you are close to a supermarket? Or rather have them all store that information in your central shopping list? (by the way, your internet auction application that watches the central shopping list has already found an interesting offer for that blue tulip…)

Imagine you have to specify for a handful of programs (the favorite “ring-tone selector” application, your “answering machine”, your “smart to-do list”, your “calendar”, your “work time log”, …) where your “home”, your “office”, “gym”, “music school”, etc. is located by specifying the latitude and longitude or the corresponding street address for each of these applications. Would you not rather have a central place for your favorite locations that all applications can easily share?

(Many more ideas can be found on our list of ideas)

Keep your one great idea a secret that could make you win the Android Developer Challenge, but share those obvious and common ideas that you encounter while implementing and that you think could be used in many other applications as well. We will develop the most-required components together (e.g. a central shopping list), so you can concentrate on implementing your core idea (e.g. the weight-watching cookbook) while having interoperability with many other great OpenIntents applications built in right from the start.

Join this project if you have great ideas to share or if you are a good developer and look for a low-risk project.

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Android VNC (28-12-2007) (Android Application)

Framebuffer VNC server specifically for the emerging Android platform. Forked from an old version of fbvncserver originally released for the Zaurus and iPAQ devices.

This project is largely a hack to facilitate testing of the Android user experience on real handsets with full screen VNC clients running. The current test framework is ideally suited for Windows Mobile based handsets running .NET VNC Viewer.

The subversion repository contains instructions for advanced users to build the package from source.

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Monolith Android WIP (Android Game)

Monolith Android is a 3D tetris like game for the android mobile phone platform. The code is based on the SDK samples of the Android SDK. The intent is to create a fun to play game, and familiarize with the rich API of the android platform. The game uses openGL ES to render the graphics. As well as the classic tetris-like gameplay, the game provides additional game modes, “Dizzy” and “Monolith”. The Monolith name derives from the fact that the matrix that the game is played in, looks a bit like a monolith from the film “2001 a Space Odyssey”.

There is currently no download available!

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Logoid v0.1 (Android Application)

How many times have you been sitting on a train, an airplane, or been on a long car trip, and just been itching to get coding? With Logoid, you can quench your thirst for programming, expel your boredom and produce fantastic works of art, all on your mobile phone!

Logoid is a Logo interpreter for Android. As of yet, it does not completely conform to standard Logo, but it can do some pretty cool stuff.

This is a work in progress, and not intended for serious purposes. If you want something like that, you’d be better of writing your own.

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DroidDraw r1a20 (Android misc)

DroidDraw is a graphical user interface (GUI) builder for the Android platform.

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Deepdroid WIP (Android Application)

Deepdroid is going to be a content search tool for Android. The first screenshots are out, but not release yet.

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Android Manifest (Android misc)

Android Manifest is a pretty new directory, which aims to collect plenty of Android related links, such as news etc. If you have useful resources, feel free to add them up.

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Twisty v0.03 (Android misc)

The ‘Z-Machine’ is a virtual machine designed in 1979 by Infocom for playing text adventures, and has been re-implemented on nearly every computer and PDA since then.

This application allows Android users to play Infocom classics just as ‘Zork’, as well hundreds of newer text adventures written in the last ten years or so. The package comes bundled with a few built-in games, but also allows you to load games from your SD card.

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