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Android On the Spot v0.1 (Android Application)

Android On the Spot is a family of Android modules that can provide locations (restaurants, retail locations, entertainment destinations, schools, etc.) with the ability to quickly, easily and securely deploy Android applications relevant to their visiting clientèle. It’s all as easy as taking a picture.

This is where QR code comes in. Emerging mobile systems are already making use of QR code and other visual code formats. They are a perfect way to exchange information in situations where network packets are not viable, though so far their potential has not been fully realized. By serializing Intents and encoding them in QR code, we can use QR codes in many other interesting ways.

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SlideME v1.0CE (Android Application)

SlideME provides an Android client for managing the discovery and download of Android applications.

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PMix v0.2.1 (Android Application)

PMix is an MPD client for Android, so your mobile phone can be used as a remote control for your MPD server.

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Monolith Android v1.0.3 (Android Game)

Monolith Android is a 3D tetris like game for the android mobile phone platform. The code is based on the SDK samples of the Android SDK. The intent is to create a fun to play game, and familiarize with the rich API of the android platform. The game uses openGL ES to render the graphics. As well as the classic tetris-like gameplay, the game provides additional game modes, “Monolith” and “Puzzle” (coming soon!). The Monolith name derives from the fact that the matrix that the game is played in, looks a bit like a monolith from the film “2001 a Space Odyssey”.

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aAOLT (ADC) (Final 2) (Android Application)

The Android Auction Organization and Listing Tool allows the users to create and organize their auctions for eBay (more auction-platforms are planned) offline as well as list the created auctions without using a website.

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SmartLink v0.1 (Android Application)

Smartlink is an open source project trying to improve the user experience for advanced usage scenarios of a mobile phone and is targeting the Android platform.

Smartlink is about making our mobile device acting a little bit more like a human secretary by learning personal associations of words (like “Maria” or “KDE homepage”) with semantic data (like a corresponding contact entry in our address book or a bookmark in our browser) and offering to utilize the data of these associations (eg. the phone number to make a call, or the URL to forward to someone) whenever we use plain text in any application (eg. in a tasklist application). In other words, Smartlink interconnects different applications (that do not need to know of each) based on plain text associations in a smart way.

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BusinessRate v1.0 (Android Application)

Android application to rate businesses and search for top rated businesses.

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Shuffle v1.0a3 (Android Application)

Shuffle, a personal organizational tool, styled around the Getting Things Done methodology. Shuffle is a dumping ground for ideas and tasks. It lets you rapidly create and organize your actions, relieving you of the stress of trying to remember everything you need to get done. Since Shuffle is a mobile application, you will have it with you where ever you are. You can always add an idea you’ve just had, or quickly check what’s on the top of your list of actions.

A simple elegant workflow encourages you to categorize your actions into projects and optionally provide a context. This structure lets you to break down formidable projects into individual achievable actions. As a project evolves over time, you can clean out old actions as they’re performed, add new actions and reorder any remaining actions depending on your current priorities.

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Opera Mini WIP (Android Application)


Opera fans will be happy to hear that Opera has ported their Opera Mini browser to Android…

[Read more at]

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Fall In Love (Android Application)

FIL is application, which enables people to meet their new partner (love). How many times did your eyes cross eyes of other person and you did not find guts to approach this person? Or even worse – you wished you did not do that…

FIL will help you in such cases. It monitors your position and finds other local people running same app FIL. After both parties approve meeting, they meet in 7 days at the same place they met first time (some romanticism has to be left…).

From that point it is up to them…

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