Merry Christmas (GBA Demo)

GBAdev posted about a Merry Christmas Demo created by the “Parallax Sisters”. Just have a look on it… the screenshot on GBAdev says it all ;)

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T3 (Mitch Allens T3) (GBA Game)

Mitch Allen wrote me an e-mail about his latest piece of work called “T3”. I allready tried that Tic Tac Toe game a couple of times the past 10 minutes but I always got a draw or lost… well ;)

You can get the file from Mitch Allen’s page or from the PDroms (GBA/Game) Section.

[UPDATE CET 13:40]
It seem the author has a few more pages than just one. You can get the Binary from this page:

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My Sponsor “” would like to wish all visitors HAPPY HOLIDAYS! And as a token of Christmas spirit, visitores will receive a FREE item when they order the Flash linker Development kits. Order either a 64M, 128M, 256M or 512M flash linker kit and you will receive a FREE GBA Protection shell and GBA Rechargeable Battery pack.

All you have to do is order, and then in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS section of the shopping cart enter in the words PDROMS.COM SPECIAL and you will automatically receive these special items absoluetly free.

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Casca Naves v1.3 (Beta) (GP32 Game)

Theif updated his shooter game “Casca Naves” once more! You can get the file locally (GP32/Games) or from Empee’s GP32 Project page.

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New Files (GBA/GBC/GP32) (misc)

Gameboy Advance
Bouncers by _Nessie_
GBA Demo 4 by Jon Huggins
GBAtest by CHN
Hergs Solitaire v0.6 by Harold Toler
Hergs Yahtzee v0.3 by Harold Toler
Nine To Nine by Vinazzani Domenico
NMOD Player v1b by NEiM0D
NMOD Player v1c by NEiM0D
PTC v1.1 by Oscar BraindeaD
Revolution by Team Revolution
Space Inavders GBA v0.1a by Jon Huggins
Thrust Advance v1.04 by Matthew R Partridge
XMAS Wars v0.1 by Jon Huggins

Gameboy Color
Pick Pocket by Inka
GBC Intro Collection by CHN
GBC Intro Collection v2 by CHN

Game Park 32
gpSCUMM (17 Dec 2002) by phox
gpSame v0.1 by Fieldman

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NMOD Player v1c (GBA Application)

NEiM0D/QTX updated his MOD Player for GBA. Details and download could be get from

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XMAS Wars v0.1 (GBA Game)

Jon Huggins released a very simple game where you have to throw snowballs on each others face ;) The graphics are very good.

[Update CET 09:17]
It seem the original author has not updated his own page with this game yet! Get the file from

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Bouncers (GBA Techdemo)

(Bouncers Description) Randomly bouncing particles that leave fading trails behind them. Uses simple fake “additive” rendering so the particle trails interact with each other. Code not particularly optimised.

The download could be get from Thanks for the news!

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gpSame v0.1 (GP32 Game)

Hando posted about a new freeware GP32 game on his newspage.

(Newsdate 18.12.2002) GpSame is a kind of logical game. There is not too much info about this game as a readme.txt is written in korean :/. Put the *fxe file to GPMM directory and try to play.

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ScummVM GP32 v1217 (GP32 misc)

Ph0x released an updated port of “ScummVM”. ScummVM is an implementation of LucasArts S.C.U.M.M. (Script Creation Utility for Maniac Mansion) interpreter, used in games such as Monkey Island, Indiana Jones, Day Of The Tentacle, Sam and Max, and many more.

(NOTE!) Ph0x, nor me (Kojote) can support you with any games since they are copyrighted. This is only an engine to play those games. You have to own the original files. Details on how to use it can be found in the textfile enclosed with the ZIP-file on Ph0x’s page.

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