oranges. (21-01-2018) (GB Game)

Chris Read‘s new Game Boy game is called oranges.

Bob is stuck in the orange packaging plant where the packing machine has gone out of control and is spitting out oranges all over the place! Why? Some idiot poured radioactive goop all over it and so the oranges turned radioactive! So, locked into the room, Bob needs to dodge the oranges the Orange-O-Matic spits out or else he’s toast, which would go good with oranges for a nutritious breakfast. Most items are useful. They help Bob survive. Some can be annoying, though. Here’s the items that are in the game so far.

The ROM along with the source code is on Chris’ page.

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Moonlight v2.4.5.04 (Pandora Application Port)

Moonlight allows you to stream your collection of Steam games from your PC to another device. Moonlight (formerly known as Limelight) is an open source implementation of NVIDIA’s GameStream protocol. This PND now use Moonlight embedded, a native client. Ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.


* Switched to upstream Moonlight-embeded
* Using latest sources
* Revamped gtkdialog to add a more options
* Nubs are now configuration in the dialog
* Streaming Texture is now optional

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Pale Moon v27.7.1.31 (Pandora Application Port)

Pale Moon is an Open Source, Firefox-based web browser available for Microsoft Windows, Android and Linux (with other operating systems in development), focusing on efficiency and ease of use. Make sure to get the most out of your browser!

Pale Moon offers you a browsing experience in a browser completely built from its own source with carefully selected features and optimizations to maximize the browser’s speed*, stability and user experience, while maintaining compatibility with thousands of Firefox extensions many have come to love and rely on.


* Update to 27.7.1 sources

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Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe (OpenTTD) v1.7.2.0 (Pandora Game Port)

OpenTTD is an open source clone of the Microprose game “Transport Tycoon Deluxe”, a popular game originally written by Chris Sawyer. It attempts to mimic the original game as closely as possible while extending it with new features. Ported to Pandora by Canseco.


– Latest stable release.
– Updated sources and libs.
– See changelog:

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Hurrican v1.1.0.0 (Pandora Game Port)

Hurrican is a freeware jump and shoot game that is based on the Turrican game series. Ported to Pandora by Pickle. The package has been update during Jan 28, 2018.

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HakuNeko v1.4.2.06 (Pandora Application Port)

HakuNeko is a Manga Downloader, now ported to Pandora by ptitSeb.


* Update to latest sources (1.4.2)
* Update to wxWidget 3.0.3

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Barony: Cursed Edition v2.0.7.02 (Pandora Game Port)

Barony is a 3D, first-person roguelike. The goal of the game is to descend to the bottom of a dark dungeon known as the Devil’s Bastion and destroy an undead lich named Baron Herx, who terrorized the peaceful town of Hamlet in life and is now harboring a curse against the land from beyond the grave. To aid you in your quest are friendly humans who have been eeking out a rough life within the dungeon for generations, as well as any friends you can bring with you in real life: Barony is the first of its kind as a first-person roguelike in that it fully supports cooperative multiplayer for up to four players.

You will need the game data from the full game to play this PND. Either put the GoG version install (for the Linux or Windows version) inside appdata/barony, or put all the installation files inside the game subfolder.

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Wizard of Wor (02-02-2018) (NES Game)

Thom works on an unofficial port of Wizard of Wor for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Release notes:

Wizard of Wor WIP: Worrior and monster collision detection fully implemented (both worriors and monsters able to shoot and kill each other, with appropriate points rewarded.) There still is at least one lingering bug with the laser code. But for now, I need to optimize all the bounding box checking code to gain back much needed cycles as the game slows down when everybody is on screen and shooting. Can’t have that. Computer is playing blue.

And now, I need to take a break from new features, to drastically optimize the bounds checking code, as I am doing lots of multiplies and divides all over the code for ostensibly similar or same values. (at least I think), I need to do the calculations once, and just use them per frame, and that should free up more than enough cycles to finish the game play implementation.

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Plague (25-01-2018) (A2600 Game)

In Plague you are the famous and misunderstood plague doctor of the middle ages, collecting herbs and at the end, duel a battle with Death itself. Since the initial release earlier this month, this is the third update so far. Jump… run… and protect!

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The Retro Hour EP107 – The Ultimate Video Game Music Panel (misc)

The Retro Hour is your weekly dose of retro gaming and technology news, views and interviews from the UK.


David Wise, Rob Hubbard and Graeme Norgate join us at All Your Bass music festival for the ultimate video game music panel!

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